Saison 2015/2016

Hintere Reihe von links: Leutrim Kadrija, Rico Schröck, Nico Cappel, Felix Di Climente, Steven Hess, Carsten John, Max Kappus, Valenton Sejdiu, Nazif Sejdiu, Florian Bayer

Mittlere Reihe von links: Sascha Bottelberger (Trainer), Marcel Heyd (Trainer), Dominik Heyd (Trainer), Nico Metzger, Mario Bräutigam, Thomas Braun, Manuel Allmann, Daniel Becker, Christoph Fauß, Max Gutensohn, Jannis Rausch, Christian Thomas, Tim Schroer, René Voborsky (Betreuer), Rüdiger Latterner (Spielleiter), Steffen Schäfer (Betreuer)

Vordere Reihe von links: Sven Hobstetter, Thomas Ganter, Felix Weber, Jan Metzger, André Oerther, Greg Barrett, Nils Metzger, Christopher Steiner, Jens Lang, Daniel Werner, Pablo Sooß

Es fehlen: Marcel Königstein, Andreas Riley, Denny Gundert


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Stanmorenbp (Shreveport) | 07.06.2023 10:40:26
term manuscript (late lat.manuscriptum,
Beateride (Norman) | 07.06.2023 09:42:43
then only a few have reached us
Drywallbae (Ann Arbor) | 07.06.2023 09:12:15
from a printed book, reproduction
Wirelesstng (Seattle) | 07.06.2023 09:09:32
Of his works, he is especially famous
Generationjsb (Winston-Salem) | 07.06.2023 08:19:44
term manuscript (late lat.manuscriptum,
Rubberjop (Norman) | 07.06.2023 07:59:44
Western Europe also formed
Annotationshff (Columbia) | 07.06.2023 07:58:48
... As a rule, the manuscript is called
Fortressmbe (Seattle) | 07.06.2023 07:34:07
from a printed book, reproduction